24 Mantra Organic Toor Dal / Tur Dal - 4 lbs

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24 Mantra Organic Toor Dal Online History Toor dal is also called as split Pigeon pea. The origination history goes back at least 3500 years back and found to be mostly popular in the eastern part of India but later it got spread to most of the tropical countries in Asia and Central America due to its unique drought resistant character and also it can last up to five years. It is also cultivated as inter crop or alternate crop in organic cultivation process due to the plant ability to fix nitrogen in the soil naturally which helps to fertilize other plant naturally. Lentil Health Benefits Toor dal is significant source for proteins, B-vitamins and omega 3 amino acids which are essential elements of human cells. So it considered as an alternative to animal protein for vegetarians. Quality A good naturally processed Toor dhal appears like faded yellow with powdery layer covering the top. The powdery coated layer is called Saponins to protect themselves from pests and insects. Today most of the brand has Toor dal appears bright yellow and shiny due to artificial wax/oil coating for attraction purpose which are not good for health and taste. After cooking the color of water changes to dal color which is natural. How to eat Pigeon pea contains natural protection layer called Saponins which act as an insect repellent. This protection layer can cause in improper protein digestion and results in gas formation in the bowl and poor protein absorption by the body. So the proper way of eating Toor dhal is by soaking at least overnight which can remove most of the Saponins and pressure cook or boil till the dal becomes soft to break. Also eating dal by itself results in an incomplete protein so human body will not absorb effectively so if you mix with another incomplete protein dishes like rice, wheat or any grains it will become complete protein and easy to absorb by the body. For this reason in many different Indian traditions the first solid food for baby is always Toor dhal and rice paste mix.  
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Great product! Taste the real Toor dhal.


Great taste! Taste the real toor dhal.

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