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Papad online USA

Papad is ready to fry and eat instantly. It is a light wafer, sometimes described as a cracker or flatbread. It is prepared from urad dal flour with a hint of spiciness from cumin seeds. These are a tasty and healthy snack commonly used in and Pakistani foods. They only have to be fried or roasted on an open flame, which makes them fluffy and a crunchy appetizer.

Papad is also called as: Appalam, pappadam, Appadam, papar, happala, poppadam

Origin: India

Masala Papad Receipe

Crispy papad topped with crunchy fresh vegetables, tangy lemon and spicy chilli powder makes it one of the most interesting appetizers.

Masala papad is a very flavours starter which always comes first on the menu card. It can also be a best snack for the 4 O'clock tummy grumble. All you need is papad and some fresh vegetables of your choice to top it with. The recipe is handy and can be made within a jiffy. Go crazy with your choice of papad and veggies.

Main Ingrdients: Rice flour, urad dal or black gram.

How to cook Papads : Fire Roasted and Oil roasted.

Popular brands: Ganesh papad, Lijjat Papad, Aam Papad, Madras papad, Anand Kerala Fryums

Health Tips

  • If you are worried about calories intake go for fire roasted which has fewer calories when compare to oil roasted.
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