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Spices refers to any dried part of a plant / tree in whole or in powder form except leaves in the culinary art. Generally leaves falls under herbs category but sometimes in some countries it may fall under spice category like Bay leaves in India but mostly not. A spice can be a Resin, seed, fruit, bark, root, bud and berry. Example, It can be a bark like cinnamon, seed pod like Cardamom and flower buds like clove. Remember it is used only at its dried form and if it is fresh then it falls under herbs category.

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Spice powder does not always retain its true aroma because volatile oil which present in whole spice releases its flavor or aroma when it contacts the air. When you grind ,contact surface area increases and thus the rate of evaporation increases which results in loosing of its flavor in a short time so for best result it’s recommended to grind the spices as and when its needed using coffee grinder or small blender but the classic tool is mortar and pestle.

Benefits of spices

When it comes to health benefits they are considered mostly used items especially in the olden days to cure many type diseases in most of the places. Most of them are having antimicrobial properties and anti-oxidants. Especially they made from seed, flower or root contains high concentration of protein, fat and Carbohydrates by weight but because they are used only in small quantity in food it usually not add much of calories to the food. However many of it does contain significant amount of micronutrients like for example a teaspoon of Paprika spice has 1133 IU of Vitamin A which contributes about 20% of daily value recommended by FDA.

Use of Spices: In the ancient world in many places whole spices and spice blends are kept secret and used mostly by kings and rich people to cure diseases, to enhance their quality life and live longer. As they get commercialized and affordable in the modern world now all have opportunity to get benefits of it. Now day’s they are most used in foods to add flavor and aroma, enhance taste and natural color.

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5 spices

5 spices is a spice mixture of five spices commonly used in and Chinese cuisine.

  • Star anise
  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon
  • Pepper
  • Fennel seeds

Ground all the above ingredients to prepare 5 spice powder. 5 spice powder is not used in day-to-day cooking and considered for restaurant cooking.