About Us


Maxsupermart is a Georgia based online super market selling a wide range of groceries both Asian and American. It was formed by a group of former students from farmer community who had monthly budget constraints to shop for their essentials. In 2015 it started out exclusively to support students in USA who do not have a ride or easy access to affordable healthy provisions. Easy access to healthy food at an affordable price is a fundamental right of every person irrespective of their status and location and that is exactly Maxsupermart wishes to fulfill.

MSM (Max Super Mart) - For the students & By the Students - was formed by international students from different US universities who had experienced hard life, living in a society without near and dear ones around, with minimal transportation for frequent shopping and tough time to keep up with monthly expense.


Together, we at Maxsupermart work tirelessly with farmers to uplift their economic status by promoting and selling their Organic products through our platform. We maximize farmer’s profit by eliminating middle men and provide a transparent platform throughout the business. Our transparency in shipping costs and market value helps farmers to fix their base price and get maximum returns on their products.

What sets us apart from most of our competitors is an affordable price for a healthy food and delivered at absolutely minimal to no shipping costs (“no weight restrictions, you need 50 lb.. you got it”!). You can buy any item from our online store at prices comparable to brick and mortar store. In addition, our prices for organic groceries is almost equal to non-organics being sold in the market.

Maxsupermart aims to help both farmer and customer by providing 100% hassle free money back guarantee if the product does not meet customer expectation and pledges not to sell adulterated or expired items.

We at Maxsupermart sincerely thank our patrons for providing helping hands to farmers by purchasing products at www.maxsupermart.com

 MSM (Max Super Mart) believes in setting bold goals. MSM team supports those goals by working with small businesses to help them grow and deliver superior quality products at a lower cost.



  • Our service helps farmers to make more profit by eliminating middle men
  • Our service help students to lower their monthly expenses
  • Our distribution system is a competitive and is advantage for both customer and seller
  • Our supply chain is simple and cost effective
  • Our business model drives superior results for the sellers
  • Our people are talented and live Our Values in Action
  • Our financial performance consistently rewards the students to avail free shipping and Cash Back offers.



 Support Students:

MSM's goal is to provide free shipping to every student. Students can refer their friends and families and earn 5% or up to $100 every month from every order made by their referrals.

 Support Farmers:

MSM’s goal is to eliminate multiple middle men in business dealing and appreciate the profit margin to farmers. Help farmers being recognized for their diligence around the globe and motivate them to cultivate more organic foods. In addition, provide more coverage for the products being sold.

 Support Customers:

MSM’s goal is to minimize extra burden on a customer to afford for organic groceries. Promote “know what you eat and where they came from”& “know your farmer”.  We strive to offer organic groceries at a non-organic price so they everyone can afford.

 Small Business:

MSM’s goal is to help small & local businesses who lacks resource to start and maintain their own online store in order to reach a broader customer base.  We encourage small businesses to join our group so they can list their products for free and sell directly to the customer with very minimal fee for every successful transaction. No mandatory monthly subscription charges and no hefty commission.