Support Students:

Maxsupermart was formed by a group of former students from farmer community who had monthly budget constraints to shop for their essentials. In 2015 it started out exclusively to support students in USA who do not have a ride or easy access to affordable healthy provisions.

Easy access to healthy food at an affordable price is a fundamental right of every person irrespective of their status and location and that is exactly Maxsupermart wishes to fulfill.

MSM (Max SuperMart) - For the students & By the Students - was formed by international students from different US universities who had experienced hard life, living in a society without near and dear ones around, with minimal transportation for frequent shopping and tough time to keep up with monthly expense.

Though students are surrounded by a number of recent immigrants, they still find themselves unable to make USA feel like somewhere they belong. Every student desires to fulfil their appetite irrespective of their demography. At times it may be longer for students to find comfort in American flavors “nothing like the homemade food or curries they had grown up eating”.

In this decade, students have to stuff canisters of favorite spices or foods inside their checked luggage hoping to surpass security clearance. However, their favorites are discarded due to TSA regulations. Therefore, Maxsupermart has embraced the situation by delivering all their favorite stuffs right in front of their door steps. Maxsupermart respects students to enjoy their checked luggage space for other items that will not hinder any prohibitory regulation.

MSM's goal is to provide free shipping to every student. Students can refer their friends and families and earn 5% or up to $100 every month from every order made by their referrals.