We are fromfarmer’s origin. We recognize the difficulties to be on Indian field, climate variability, soil preparation and all the related practices. Our goal is to nurture the land, the way nature loves it. Without pesticides, composts are obligatory for us.Natural being a way and an all-around rehearsed and nitty gritty one at that requests we hold fast to the standards of common adjust. Crops are grown in a natural way, natural homemade solutions are used to address pests and weeds. Our farmers support the soil bed rich in living organism. Truth be told, our practices and cooperating with them works towards keeping the soil alive by using natural techniques for Composting and pest control through farm resources. We know our farmers and seasonal cycles of the nature. We support them in all aspects from the planet to the product, turn of yields and procedures of reap and capacity.Our role is to ensure that organic practices are done systematically and consistently.

Serving organic food from the farm to your kitchen

Maxomax lessons learnt

1. Build trust with farmers and educate when necessary

2. Never take short cuts, let mother nature take part during the process

3. Better quality control management starting from the seed

4. No to Outsourcing